Navigating Cyber Storms: Insights From 2023 Ransomware Attacks

The dark clouds of ransomware are evolving around the globe, and Fort Wayne is not immune to its reach. Threats are becoming more sophisticated and strategic. At LANKEY I.T., your trusted IT service provider, we’ve kept an eye on current cybersecurity threats so we’re better able to help our clients maintain a secure digital cloudscape. Here are a few examples of ransomware attacks from this past year that can help give insight into trends moving forward and what we can do to mitigate these attacks.

LANKEY IT Fort Wayne Ransomware Attacks Cybersecurity

The Rise of Rhysida

This past year, ransomware attacks were highly focused on healthcare and educational institutions. This was clear as the newcomer “Rhysida” ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group hit the scene. Alarmingly, Rhysida conducted chilling attacks across the healthcare and education sectors, performing cyber-threat activities on an unprecedented scale, accessing and auctioning off healthcare data and Social Security numbers on the dark web.

Clop’s MOVEit: A New Extortion Method

The Clop group continued its strategically applied pressure on compromised businesses by innovating ransom negotiation methods during its MOVEit campaign. Through unique tactics, including leaking ransom negotiation excerpts and torrent data leaks to expedite downloads, the Clop group successfully pushed organizations into negotiating ransom payments.

Strategies to Fortify Your Defenses Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware trends are indifferent to geographical boundaries. That’s why your Fort Wayne area business needs just as much protection as any other company around the globe. At LANKEY I.T., we believe in playing an offensive game. That’s why proactively strengthening your business’ defenses is the cornerstone of our cybersecurity services. Some strategies to fortify your defenses against groups like Clop and Rhysida are:

  1. Graceful Segmentation: Implement network segmentation to limit the spread of ransomware, creating firewalls within your organization’s system.
  2. The Backup Plan: Maintain immutable, regularly updated backups – your safe vault in the event of an attack.
  3. Staff Training: Regularly conduct phishing awareness training for staff members.

Our Commitment to Guard Your Digital Space

LANKEY I.T. aims to shape the cybersecurity landscape in and beyond Fort Wayne. Our services extend to every nook and corner of our community, pushing us towards constructing a safer digital environment by keeping everyone informed about the mutating ransomware trends. Addressing the potential for ransomware attacks may seem daunting, but with LANKEY I.T., businesses can brace themselves against an influx of cyber troubles. Let us lead you through the latest ransomware attack trends, secure in the knowledge that we have your back.

If you need help protecting your business’s data from cybercriminals, LANKEY I.T. is just a phone call away. We provide a wide range of IT services to clients in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Huntington, Columbia City, and beyond. To talk to a cybersecurity pro, contact us at (260) 800-3850 or request a free consultation online today. In the face of evolving ransomware attacks, we’re here to secure your world, byte by byte.

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