Security Camera Installation Services

Protect the office from risk of theft and invasion with professional security camera installation company LANKEY I.T. Our technicians are proud experts in installing security cameras for home office and small to medium business settings. Contact us at (260) 800-3850 today to request a free consultation on camera installation, email support, PC support, and more in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and beyond.

Expert Security Camera Services

Our wide range of business and home security camera services help keep your office and assets secure.

Security Design Installation

We will assess security needs and design a system that works best to protect the home or office from potential threats. Our team will identify vulnerable areas and select effective camera angles to design an effective and convenient security camera network.

Security Installations in Fort Wayne

After the client purchases the IP security camera system, we take over with careful and professional installation, including connection to wired and wireless internet networks and the power supply.

Expert Security Camera Installation Services in Fort Wayne

Our team of experts will configure security camera settings to meet your specific business needs. Allow us to optimize the camera display for clarity and correct angles, as well as ensure footage is captured and stored properly.

Our Process Is Smooth and Efficient

We take installation of security cameras seriously, ensuring each step is completed with care and expertise.

Security Camera Installation Process
  1. 1
    Consultation and Assessment

    We will meet with you to discuss specific security needs.

  2. 2

    The client is responsible for purchasing a security camera system that fits the unique needs of the business. Our friendly team is available to discuss options.

  3. 3
    System Design

    Our team will plot camera mount placement, wiring, network connectivity and more. Learn more about our infrastructure cabling services.

  4. 4
    Installation and Configuration

    We will work efficiently to complete installation within a flexible schedule that works for your business. Allow us to adjust settings and ensure everything is working properly.

What Are the Benefits of Security Camera Systems?

Much like cybersecurity and data protection and recovery services, installation of security camera systems is a necessary measure for workplace safety.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of security cameras in and around the office helps prevent vandalism and theft. Cameras also create a safer and more secure environment for employees.

Liability Protection

Capture and store clear video evidence in case of crime or workplace dispute. Visual documentation can be used for reference and official documentation for incident reports.

Remote Monitoring

Many security camera networks permit viewing from several devices, allowing for flexibility, mobility, and immediate response to suspicious behavior.

Why Choose Us?

LANKEY I.T. is an indoor and outdoor security camera installation company that business owners can trust. Discover who we are and read more about our outstanding managed IT service plans.

  • We offer competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and emergency response services.
  • Our team is committed to excellent IT services, from VoIP phone systems and printer support to infrastructure cabling and server support.
  • Clients feel like our techs are part of their organization — enjoy the IT support of a team that cares
  • Locally owned and operated, we are a highly trusted organization in the Fort Wayne area.

Protect the Office With Enhanced Security Today

At LANKEY I.T., we are proud to provide professional security camera system installation services. Contact us at (260) 800-3850 to request a consultation in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and surrounding areas of Churubusco, Huntington, Warren, Auburn, Kendallville, Columbia City, and Decatur.

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